Asian-Inspired Savory Snacks

September 30th, 2016

Hello, World! / Good Morning Baltimore

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Baltimore, Yumami was born.img_6992

We’ve reach a point where our bean-cooking pots are larger than our whole kitchens, and our inventory of packaging sleeves would have taken years to cut by hand. It’s been an adventure, growing the seed of a healthy snack idea into a grab-n-go snack you can hold, open, and taste.

Last week was Natural Products Expo East, a huge trade show where makers of everything from cold brew coffee to lip balm show off their products, old and new, to drive interest from industry players.

img_7010Yumami had a small table on the first day of the show: the Harvest Festival. It was our first trade show, and it was a success!

Our booth was packed with the kinds of people who’ve ‘tasted it all’ when it comes to natural foods — independent store owners, larger distributor reps, industry media, bloggers, etc.

Seeing their faces light up at the tangy kick of our Adzuki Ginger-Ponzu, or watching nods of approval as the umami-richness of our Lentil Roasted Onion-Shiitake washed over their taste buds — those expressions made the Harvest Festival the best day in Yumami history.

The no-added-sugar icing on the cake was being named a Project NOSH Staff Pick!

We’re planning the next few weeks of store launches in the Northeast. Stay tuned, stay in touch, and get ready for Yumami!


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