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August 22nd, 2016

Our Four Favorite Kitchen Things

We love the kitchen. Preparing anything from a morning coffee ritual to a simple weeknight dinner is a chance to feel grounded amidst the bustle of New York City. These are Our Four Favorite Kitchen Things, each doing their part to make our time in the kitchen easier and more pleasurable.


1) Silicone Oven Mitt with Cotton Lining

No oven mitt was faultless. Thinner mitts were useless against a hot cast iron handle. Thicker cotton mitts got wet or stained. Silicone mitts stood up to heat but were often awkward and sweat made the interiors dangerously slippery.

Then we discovered these two-layered silicone and cotton mitts that combined the best of both worlds. The most effective heat resistance we’ve encountered, without any interior slipping. An easily removable liner to allow for separate washing. These are the Platonic ideal of oven mitts.


2) Lodge Dutch Oven

Just as good as Le Creuset; much cheaper than Le Creuset. No more panicked scrubbing at the slightest sauce-browning stain. Use the savings on a lighter, smoother antique cast iron pan.


3) ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4

The frustration of slicing into a batch of homemade breakfast sausage to see pink, raw centers is a unique pain. In the 21st century, placing your trust about the doneness of meats in the hands of a finger ‘press test’ or a recipe’s cooking time recommendation is like going on a date without Googling the person first. You could, but why?


4) Heath Ceramics Vegetable Bowl

Just because you’re cooking for one or two people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about presentation. Beautiful food tastes better, and the Earthy, comforting, Californian casual of Heath Ceramics makes makes every meal feel like Chez Panisse.

Their Vegetable Bowls are the perfect size for a small to medium size serving of some roasted broccoli or mashed sweet potatoes. Unleash your inner Alice Waters.

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