Asian-Inspired Savory Snacks

November 15th, 2016

Win Some, Lose Some

Yumami flew West a couple weeks ago to sunny Los Angeles, California. With a suitcase full of Go-Dips and ice packs, we left New York with big dreams…

And we came back victorious.

Co-Founder Karsten was proud to present Yumami’s snacks to a panel of experienced judges at the Project NOSH LA conference Pitch Slam. As a brand new, fledgling company, the competition was tough, but we’re proud to have collected the giant $5,000 prize. (Now we just need to figure out how to cash it…)

Watch our pitch here:

The LA conference was a fantastic back-to-school experience. Natural foods industry veterans shared their insights on inspiring early adopters, engaging with buyers, and finding the the right investors. All valuable knowledge for the Yumami team.

2016-11-02-10-36-48Yumami’s mission is to make it easier for people to eat better. At the core of this mission is a desire for justice. It is unfair that junk food is too often the easier or only choice. And the government has a crucial role to play in operating the levers that either bolster entrenched industry interests, or allow new ways of providing food to flourish.

Food is not often a marquee political campaign issue. It should be. It touches everyone. How people eat affects their physical and cognitive abilities, and ultimately their potential to contribute to society.

In the end, the market will only provide what people want to choose. And we continue to dream of and work towards a world where the better choice is the easier one.

Popped Nori Chips are in 90 stores and counting in the NY metro area. We’re using this soft product launch to get our bearings, see what works, and learn from mistakes. We hope you’ll find a 100-calorie, tasty bag at a store near you.


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